Government says that cane growers can export and five companies have certificates

Government says that cane growers can export and five companies have certificates

Unagro, Colpa Belgium, Guabirá, San Aurelio and Agüaí would be the five companies that processed their export certificate and have no problemstherefore there is no reason to start blocking the roads, said tonight the Minister of Productive Development, Nestor Huanca, and announced that he will arrive in Santa Cruz on Tuesday to talk with the sectors in conflict.

“The Government has never prohibited exports of sugar to international markets, therefore I want to ask the leadership of the sugarcane brothers, sugarcane producers, not to be surprised”, he said at a press conference.

The National Commission of Sugarcane Producers of Bolivia (Concabol) announced the blockade of roads for Wednesday, April 6 starting at 5 in the morning, protesting the restriction on exporting sugar. The sector demands the annulment of decree 4680 that restricts exports and they also asked to be included in the “Yes Bolivia” program launched by the Executive.

Nestor Huanca insisted that the decree does not restrict exports, since the companies have already processed their certificates established by the decree and are free to sell their product in foreign markets.

“We also want to communicate that in the last harvest, the sugar cane growers and the industry, according to the information they send us, it was shown that there will be a production of 11,170,357 quintals of sugar and the Bolivian population to be supplied needs or requires 9,202,000 quintals. In that sense, there is enough product that will guarantee supply in the domestic market,” said the authority.

Later, he explained that in the case of the “Yes Bolivia”, is a relief program for importing machinery and that it does not mean economic resources, in that sense, he said that on Tuesday he will be in this city to meet with the sugarcane producers, together with his colleague from Rural Development, and invited the producers to attend this call.

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