Government reports 11 sentenced for mobilizations in Santa Cruz and civics speak of more than 200 injured

Government reports 11 sentenced for mobilizations in Santa Cruz and civics speak of more than 200 injured

December 31, 2022, 18:21 PM

December 31, 2022, 18:21 PM

The Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, announced this Saturday that 11 people received a sentence for the mobilizations in Santa Cruzwhile the Civic Committee reports more than 200 injuries, only in the day of violence the day before.

“The Bolivian people are informed of the sentence to the following citizens involved in the attacks on the Departmental Command of the Police in Santa Cruz for the crimes of criminal associations, public incitement to commit a crime, arson, aggravated robbery, among others,” he explained.

He released the faces, names and surnames of those involved, anticipating that they will be admitted to different prisonsimplying that similar actions will be faced against those who occasionally misbehave.

“We urge the population to remain calm, the Bolivian Police is carrying out its constitutional work preventing irregular groups from sowing pain in the town of Santa Cruz”, he added.

In response, the civic representative from Santa Cruz, Rómulo Calvo, repudiated the actions of the Bolivian Police, indicating that it is “servile to the Government” and that violates the rights of the population, which demands respect for democracy and the release of the governor.

“That is the response of the Government, intimidation, violence, harm, we have more than 209 injured yesterday, more than 32 detainees, that is the way the government actsThis is how it responds to the region that provides food to the country”, said the leader.

He denounced that the administration of Luis Arce does not want Santa Cruz, because “It is the stone in the shoe because it seeks democracytell the country that we must be united, recover Bolivia from this dictator who harms the entire population, today we are the people of Santa Cruz, tomorrow it will be another population”.

Arce has already peeled his hood, he will be one more dictator in the regionWe cannot allow attacks against democracy to continue, the life of the governor is being attacked, the lives of young people, all the damage yesterday, there are people who have irreversible injuries, the media were subjected to the violence of the Police, the attacks are from the same people from the Government”, he denounced.

Today at 6:00 p.m., Calvo left a meeting with the prosecutors who are handling the case. “We have young people detained for police abuse, Some policemen who were excessive in their actions and forced the prosecutors in a supposedly legal way. The prosecutors understood that there were people who only passed through the place and today they are detained,” he said.

The civic leader said that he hopes that all Bolivians have the right to defend their region. “We have more than 200 injured by the abuse of the Government who sent people to ruin the people of Santa Cruz. There are people with serious injuries, some who lost an eye.”

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