Government recognizes emergency situation in 53 municipalities in Maranhão

The Minister of Integration and Regional Development, Waldez Goés, informed that the federal government has already recognized the emergency situation of 53 of the 64 municipalities that were heavily affected by the rains in Maranhão. This Sunday (9), President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, accompanied by Góes and other ministers, flew over the flooded areas in the region of Trizidela do Vale and Pedreira and visited a shelter in Bacabal.

“We’ve been working from the start together with state and municipal civil defense teams on work plans and even advising municipalities on emergency situation decrees,” said Góes, at a press conference.

According to him, at first, the authorities are providing humanitarian aid, with the delivery of water, basic food baskets, mattresses and hygiene material. “And we have already started working on the recovery plans. In what is necessary to rebuild, of public good that is destroyed by the event, it is President Lula’s orientation that we do as well”, explained the minister.

The governor of Maranhão, Carlos Brandão (PSB), stated that there has been a lack of support from the federal government and said that there are already more than 7,500 homeless families and 35,000 affected by the floods in the 64 municipalities of the state in emergency situation.

Since March, six deaths have been reported because of heavy rains and entire communities are isolated. Throughout the state, nine rivers, in addition to streams and dams, overflowed. One of the worst affected cities is Trizidela do Vale. The city hall anticipated the students’ vacations from July to April, because five schools are flooded and another seven are shelters at the moment.

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