Government reaches an agreement with mobilized truckers, but they affirm that the blockade will continue until Minister Siches signs a letter that guarantees security

The Government reached an agreement with the forest workers and contractors who had been mobilized since Monday, causing cuts on Route 5 South, alleging greater security guarantees on the roads in the area.

The information was delivered by the presidential delegate of Biobío, Daniela Dresdnerwho indicated that “we have reached an agreement with the different organizations with which we began to talk since Sunday, today we are reaching this agreement that will allow us to advance in the solutions to the fundamental problems that are security , but also to ensure some conditions for the families and for all the people who are and have been in danger”.

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Despite reaching an agreement with the Executive, the truckers indicated that they will not unblock the routes until the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichessign a letter guaranteeing that the Government will comply with the six points of your proposal.


The Executive yesterday sent the package of measures to reach an agreement with the mobilized carriers, highlighting aid and care for the victims of violence; installation of support centers; social care; legal, social aid; disability pensions; complementary insurance and the drafting of a law initiative related to the creation of intermediate states.

In this regard, Dresdner explained that “there are still some small things to adjust, but by adjusting that, the mobilizations with the people who have been gathered at this table will rise. We have the proposal, this proposal is signed, they are the six points that we we have offered in this proposal. Additionally, they have asked us for a letter from the minister in which she ensures that these things are going to be fulfilled and that is what we are going to do.”

“By complying with that, we should be able to advance without any problem in unblocking the roads that correspond to these mobilizations. The agreement is that, with the arrival of the minister’s letter, the blockade ends for the people with whom we have been meeting” , hill.

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