Government presented the change of name of the Ministry of Culture, what will it be called now?

Government presented the change of name of the Ministry of Culture, what will it be called now?

The Minister of Culture, Patricia Ariza, made official in the Congress of the Republic, the change of name of the entity, which will be called Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge – MiCASa.

The event was attended by Vice President Francia Márquez, who has been accompanying the minister in the changes that are coming for the government of President Gustavo Petro.

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According to Minister Patricia Ariza, “Today is a very important day in the history of pain and the culture of this country (…) the bill that includes two parts, the change of Columbus Day and the change of name of the Ministry of Culture”.

Likewise, Vice President Francia Márquez indicated that “today is the day of ethnic and cultural identity and it has been the struggle of the peoples, and in that sense, The change for dignity begins, and may culture help heal this nation that has been filled with so much pain”, the vice president mentioned.

“Today we want that with this new change we can give way to total peace, which implies healing and reconciliation. We are advancing in that promise of change, which today is led by the National Government”, he highlighted.

On the other hand, the president of the Chamber, David Racero, indicated that “on this day we also have to add the tongues, the languages ​​so that they are present. As president of the Chamber, I am proud to receive these two projects, and it is a new story for Colombia, because the arts are not orange, but multicolored”.

On the other hand, in this same place the change of the concept of Orange Economy was also carried out and it became Cultural and Creative Economy.

Likewise, the change was also made to the Day of the Race, which is celebrated every October 12 and is changed to the Day of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity of the Colombian Nation.

Congresswoman María José Pizarro indicated that “we have been deeply criticized for being artists, for not being full of titles. Today a reality begins and it is the cultural transformation of this country”, she indicated.

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“We want a country that lives up to our dreams, we want to recognize ourselves in our ancestral peoples, Afro-descendants, and also recognize ourselves as mestizos,” he stressed.

“Recognize the arts, cultures, knowledge. Today is not the day of conquest, today will be the day of recognition that they love each other and recognize each other in their diversity”, he concluded.

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