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Government prepares bonus to convert gasoline vehicles to electric

Government prepares bonus to convert gasoline vehicles to electric

New airs in the automotive park. This is what the Government seeks to generate with a package of multisectoral measures that it will launch in a few weeks and that aims to promote the massification of in Peru, including a voucher for the transformation of gasoline-powered cars to an electric one.

The announcement was made yesterday by the head of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Raúl Pérez-Reyes, after the inauguration of the Luz del Sur fast charging station in Miraflores.

“We are working on a regulatory package to promote electromobility in various ways (…). On the side of the Ministry of Production we are working on the convertibility of the engines so that just as today you can convert your gasoline vehicle to CNG or LPG, you will be able to convert your gasoline vehicle to 100% electric. In this case, the gasoline engine and the gasoline tank will be removed, and the batteries will be placed there and the motor will be electric, ”he advanced.

Another detail to take into account is that the conversion process and the respective training are in the hands of the while the certifications will go through the gaze of the National Institute of Quality (Inacal).

The conversion will also have a bonus that the Executive has yet to define. “One of the things we are looking at is using a (financing) mechanism similar to the one used for conversion to natural gas and LPG,” Pérez-Reyes said.

Although the measures will aim to benefit the vehicle fleet in general, the first to benefit are the taxi drivers.

“Our main target audience is Lima taxis (…). The goal is that after the first year that we implement the standard we have 10,000 taxis operating in electric mode”.


After the inauguration of the charging station, which is open to the public, the general manager of Luz del Sur, Mario Gonzales, explained that they will also change their fleet of 500 vehicles.

“Of these, 22 of them should already be in operation in Lima and at the end of the year, 10% of the fleet should already be electromobility. Our goal is that in three years 100% of our vehicles, with which we provide distribution service, are electric, ”he asserted.


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