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Government points to Evo Morales as the promoter of marches and blockades

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Government points to Evo Morales as the promoter of marches and blockades

May 20, 2024, 7:36 PM

May 20, 2024, 7:36 PM

The government authorities did not hesitate to point out the former president Evo Morales as the promoter of marches and road blockades that unions and transporters starred this Monday. While Morales accused them of not using $3.5 billion of the approved credits.

“On the issue of blockades, it has been the instruction of comrade Evo, That must be said clearly that he is now united with the right (…) all the actions that comrade Evo is carrying out are definitely to give us a coup d’état,” said the Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño.

This Monday, pressure measures began from the transport, union and pharmaceutical sectors against the Government from whom they ask for the repeal of decree 4732, the permanent supply of fuel and the provision of dollars for the importation of medicines, respectively.

The Executive called for dialogue with pharmaceutical companies to guarantee the supply of dollars, but there was no agreement and a fourth interim in the dialogue was declared. Likewise, the director of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), Germán Jimenez deployed all his departmental delegates to supervise the delivery of fuel to the pumps. He declared that supply is guaranteed for the next 7 days.

The unions also marched with their own demands and one of the main ones is the repeal of decree 4732 that requires a certificate on possible abusive clauses in real estate sales contracts. At this point, the Vice Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón said that the rule has been in force since 2021 and that it was agreed upon with different sectors and in this way the impossibility of repealing as requested by the unions was removed.

“There is an issue of politicization Obviously in the mobilizations, in the blockades that are being generated in some points, it is important to say that they do not correspond, because they are working at the dialogue table,” said the official.

From Cochabamba, the former president accused the Government of not use $us 3.5 billion of credits that have already been approved in parliament and disbursed by international organizations and accused the Government of creating a false crisis situation.

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