Government offers residency and nationality to Nicaraguan expatriates

During the last hours, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release regarding the recent decision of the State of Nicaragua to deprive more than three hundred people from that country, identified as political opponents, of their nationality and political rights.

In this regard, the Foreign Ministry offered residence and nationality to those who were expatriates, assuring that “it will arbitrate the necessary legal means to offer them due international protection, which allows them to reside in the country and obtain Chilean nationality according to the constitutional and legal norms that regulate it. ”.

As a result of the same, they added that the Government of Chile will make this alternative available to those who have been “unfairly” expatriated from Nicaragua and who voluntarily decide to take it.

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“The history of our country has taught us that the defense of democracy and human rights, and international solidarity among peoples, transcend political conjunctures and are part of essential civilizing standards for life in society” they indicated from the government organization .

Finally, they indicated that “the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of the Interior and Public Security, by instructions of the President of the Republic, will take the corresponding measures in order to implement this decision.”

Government offers residency and nationality to Nicaraguan expatriates

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