Government of Ortega and Murillo increase corruption, says more than half of Nicaraguans

Government of Ortega and Murillo increase corruption, says more than half of Nicaraguans

The government headed by dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo is increasingly corrupt. At least 56 percent of the Nicaraguan population considers that government corruption has increased in the last 6 months, while 23% believe that the corruption rate remains the same, according to the most recent survey carried out by the Costa Rican polling firm. Cid Gallup, commissioned by the Nicaraguan media outlet Confidencial.

The consultation was carried out between June 14 and 20 of this year and some 823 citizens were interviewed through calls to their mobile phones. The survey has a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error is + −2.93%.

The pollsters asked those consulted what is their opinion about the level of corruption in the last six months?, and 56% said that “it has increased.” 23% responded that the levels of corruption in the Government “are maintained.” In other words, in total, 79% of Nicaraguans believe that there is corruption in the country.

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The results of the study reveal a piece of information that should draw the attention of the dictatorship, and that is that, even among its followers, there are 35% who believe that the levels of corruption have increased and 25% who believe that they are maintained. In total, 60% of the Sandinistas themselves perceive their party’s government as corrupt.

The dictatorship «it rots»

For the opposition leader exiled by the dictatorship, Félix Maradiaga, the results of that survey confirm that “the dictatorship is undergoing an accelerated process of internal rottenness.”

The opponent believes that, in past years, the regime’s propaganda machine could cover up “the rapine”, but that is now impossible to hide because of the obvious. “People feel an accelerated deterioration in their quality of life, while the Ortega family and their intimate apparatus get richer,” Maradiaga analyzes.

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It also warns that the excessive thirst for wealth of the close circle of power of the dictatorship “has now extended to its local and municipal operators.”

For his part, the leader of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD), also in exile, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, believes that the main concern of the Nicaraguan is employment, the economy and how corruption can affect the pocket and for this reason he perceives, not now, but always, that corruption is growing every day, as is indeed the case within the Ortega-Murillo regime.

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