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Government of Nicaragua dismisses Minister Counselor with Consular Functions in Iran

The Nicaraguan government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), published this Thursday, July 20, in La Gaceta, the official newspaper, the dismissal of Bianka Valeska Valenzuela Ponce, who held the position of Minister Counselor with Consular Functions of the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Valenzuela had a short time to occupy the position in which she was appointed on January 15, 2023. The official publication was made on July 20, however, Valenzuela was suspended from her duties as of July 14, as detailed in the Ministerial Agreement. The government has not yet announced who will fill the vacant position.

This change is part of the constant moves that the government makes in its embassies. At the beginning of July, Sidharta Marín Aráuz, representative of Nicaragua in the Republic of Honduras, was removed from his post as ambassador.

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New movement at the Nicaraguan embassy in Iran

This would be the third change that the Daniel Ortega government has made in less than a month in the Nicaraguan embassy to the Islamic Republic of Iran. On June 23, the Minrex formalized the appointment of Cora González Detournielle as Minister Counselor with Consular Functions in the Islamic country.

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González’s appointment came after the dismissal of Isaac Lenin Bravo Jaen, who held the position of ambassador in that country for three years.

Government strengthens alliances with Iran

The National Assembly, under the orders of the executive, approved this past July 5 three memorandums of understanding with Iran. The three ratified agreements are aimed at the economic, commercial field and scientific exchange. These are part of the announcement made by the Daniel Ortega administration to strengthen the commercial relationship with the Islamic country.

Government of Nicaragua dismisses Minister Counselor with Consular Functions in Iran

An intergovernmental commission between the two nations has also been approved to contribute to the advancement of the agreements signed by the rulers of both countries. To date, the alliances signed with Iran have not materialized, such as the promise of the construction of a hydroelectric plant, the project of which has been announced since 2008.

The agreements come after the visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, to Nicaragua, who, upon his arrival in Nicaragua, assured that he seeks to share experiences with the Central American country.

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