Government of Dina Boluarte responds to Gustavo Petro and López Obrador

Government of Dina Boluarte responds to Gustavo Petro and López Obrador

He tired. The president is not willing, apparently, to continue receiving in silence the attacks of its counterparts in Mexico, and from Colombia, . Through different channels, both received answers to their repeated questions about the legitimacy of their government and their support for the coup leader Pedro Castillo.

The first shift was held by the Colombian president, whose last comment on Peru was to insult the National Police and compare it to the Nazis.

“I am very sorry that certain presidents, in this case from Colombia, have these sad statements for Peru. The political situation we are experiencing is not alien to him, and the Peruvian population is being encouraged from outside. We reject all kinds of interference (…) from here I tell Mr. Petro to dedicate himself to governing Colombia, that its streets are also filling up with protests, and to leave it up to us, the Peruvians, to resolve ours”, stressed.

Hours later, but this time through an official statement from the Foreign Ministry, the Executive responded to the head of State of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who, the day before, announced his decision not to hand over the pro tempore presidency. of the Pacific Alliance to Peru because, in his biased opinion, that of Dina Boluarte is a “spurious” government.

“With this, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador departs from the principles contained in the Framework Agreement referring to democracy and the rule of law, and has politicized the Pacific Alliance, with the sole purpose of weakening it. The transfer of the pro tempore presidency to Peru is not a concession; it is an obligation contained in a treaty that binds the four countries that make up the Alliance”, indicated Torre Tagle. Likewise, he interpreted the decision as an expression of support for the coup d’état perpetrated by Pedro Castillo.

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firm actions

Ambassador Eduardo Ponce Vivanco said that Boluarte’s response to Petro has been “very appropriate and well deserved.” Asked about the possibility that the president of Colombia insists on his confrontational position with Peru, he replied that “there are always firmer diplomatic measures that can be taken”, and among them he mentioned the invocation of the American Convention on Human Rights “because – He said – Petro repeatedly and in bad faith violates the principle of non-intervention, which is the guiding principle of international relations.”

Regarding AMLO’s refusal to hand over the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance to Peru, Ponce pointed out that the government should send a note to the member countries informing that it has assumed leadership. “The delivery is a protocol act, it is not constitutive or indispensable,” he pointed out.

early elections

On the other hand, it should be noted that the president also ruled on the advancement of general elections and, along these lines, regretted that Congress has closed the legislature without defining the issue.

Because of this, he urged legislators to put this issue at number one on the parliamentary agenda. “It is a request from the population and you also have to know how to listen,” he said.


The Foreign Ministry specified that, “despite the fact that the Mexican government has continued to exercise the de facto pro tempore presidency (of the Pacific Alliance), the works are paralyzed, as a result of the politicization that it is being subjected to for the first time in its history ”.

The Peruvian ambassador in Colombia is in national territory after being called in consultation.


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