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Government of Caracas carries out street correction with 1,500 tons of asphalt in El Paraíso

Gobierno de Caracas realiza corrección de calle con 1.500 toneladas de asfalto en El Paraíso

At the height of the El Pinar Zoo Park, Caracas government authorities approached one of the main road arteries that connect the parishes of La Vega and Santa Rosalía, placing 1,500 tons of asphalt.

The head of government of Caracas, Nahum Fernández, reported that said work was carried out in order to carry out maintenance and correction of streets in El Paraíso, in the City of Caracas.

In turn, he detailed the Caza Huecos Plan, which will continue to be carried out at the request of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in order to keep all roads and avenues in Caracas functional.

He also mentioned that it is planned to start with a second phase that will serve the corresponding section from El Pinar, to the Santa Rosalía parish, in order to optimize the vehicular and pedestrian passage.

It should be noted that these actions are executed through the 1×10 of Good Government for the benefit of the Venezuelan population.


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