Government launches offensive to monitor gunpowder factories

Government launches offensive to monitor gunpowder factories

In the last few hours, the Inspection, Surveillance and Control Department of the Ministry of Labor began to carry out a series of visits to gunpowder factories Throughout the national territory.

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The objective is to thoroughly review the places to ensure that companies engaged in this business comply with occupational health and safety standards. It should be noted that in previous years there have been deaths and injuries from explosions in this type of factory.

One of the visits was made to a company located in the municipality of Soacha, south of Bogotá, according to Carlos Dussan, director of Inspection, Surveillance and Control of the Ministry of Labor, They found some shortcomings in terms of the protection of workers.

We had the opportunity to speak with the businessmen, with the managers and also with the workers of the company and we found some elements to improve. The Ministry of Labor will present a written report of the elements that we have found, always seeking to protect the patrimony of the employer that does not engage in conduct that leads to a patrimonial sanction and also seeking to improve the conditions of the workers,” said the official. .

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For her part, Gloria Inés Ramírez, Minister of Labor, was recalcitrant in saying that the integrity of people in a company it is essential to guarantee dignified and decent work.

Along with this, the representative of the gunpowder factory, Andrés Carvajal, called for prevention in the country: “We will continue working for legal, responsible, safe pyrotechnics, based on the life and safety of people and we receive the recommendations made by the Ministry of Labor, with the aim that all workers have better working conditions in their places of commercial development.


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