Government keeps the price of diesel and gasoline frozen in April

The Executive Branch resolved not to make changes in the prices of the main fuels for Aprilreported this Thursday the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM).

Super 95 gasoline remains at $71.89 per liter, as maximum retail price, and diesel at $56.99 per liter as the maximum price at the pump.

In the case of supergas, the maximum retail price, which is $73.35 per kilo, will also remain unchanged. In this way, the 13 kg bottle maintains a cost to the public of $953.55 (without shipping).

And the 50% discount on the price of the carafe is maintained for the 130,000 households that receive any of the Mides benefits. In those cases, the subsidized bottle for assistance plans is $475.

“The decision was adopted after the international reference established through the Import Parity Price (PPI) did not register significant variations compared to the previous month for the main fuels for domestic use,” says the statement.

The government also admitted an adjustment to the secondary distribution margin, which implies an impact of $0.20 on the fuel cost structure. On this occasion, it was resolved that this increase will be absorbed by Ancap.

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