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Government invests $15 billion for infrastructure in Santander

'Low execution of public works impacted infrastructure GDP'

In the department of Santander, the Government has made investments close to $15.4 billionadding the resources of the fourth generation highways (4G), the resources allocated by Invías for the departmental network and the investments that will be made in the Bicentennial Concessions.

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Among the fourth generation projects is the highway to the Magdalena River 2, which has investments of $1.87 billion, for the intervention of 144 km; the second is the Bucaramanga – Pamplona corridor of 134 km, in which nearly $1.25 billion has been invested; and, finally, Bucaramanga – Barrancabermeja – Yondó, which is 90.3% complete and of which three functional units are being delivered this Wednesday. An investment of more than $5.27 billion is being made in these jobs.

Nearly 1,600,000 people will benefit from these works and their construction has generated more than 8,715 jobs in the region from August 2018 to date.

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In addition, regarding the bicentennial concessions (5G), Santander was one of the most benefited regions, since four of these mega-projects pass through this department, which were designed under the concept of intermodalism. In the Troncal del Magdalena 1, in which 7 proposals were received, it was awarded last week to the Plural Structure Autopista Magdalena Medio. This 259 km highway will have investments of $2.07 billion, which when joined to the Troncal del Magdalena 2 (268 km long and an investment of $1.17 billion) will form a road corridor from the center of the country to the Caribbean , of the greatest importance for the connectivity and competitiveness of Colombia.

Added to this will be the La Dorada – Chiriguaná railway corridor, which provides for investments of $1.53 billion over 523 km, and the Magdalena River PPP, which seeks to restore navigability along 668 km of this important waterway, which will receive investments for more than $450,000 million.

Secondly, in four years the Civil Aeronautics has allocated $66,201 million to improve and expand the infrastructure of the department’s airportswith works such as rehabilitation of the runway and taxiways, adaptation of security zones and routine maintenance of the airside and landside areas, among others, of the Yariguies de Barrancabermeja, Palonegro de Bucaramanga and Gustavo Rojas de Cimitarra terminals.


Through Invías, $4.7 billion are invested for works in 2,447 km distributed in 87 municipalities
which currently generates 6,203 jobs, while with the new works an employability of 23,863 new jobs is projected.

Similarly, the entity performs routine maintenance of 497 kilometers of Santander’s national roads, an activity in which $23,927 million are invested and with which it seeks to offer optimal conditions of cleanliness, safety and comfort to users with preventive actions. .

In terms of rural and regional roads, the Institute allocates $318,180 million for 113 projects in 400 km that benefit 85 municipalities. These resources are distributed through agreements such as Colombia Rural, Special Agreements and OCAD Paz. On the other hand, $7,032 million are invested in studies and designs of the Chiquinquirá – Bucaramanga road and in the Socorro bypass, which is already finished.

Among the most outstanding works being carried out in Santander by Invías are the construction of the total paving of the Troncal Central del Norte / Troncal Central corridor Málaga – Los Curos connection ($505,000 million), the Troncal Central del Norte (Duitama – Pamplona) that corresponds to the Palmera – Presidente road ($180,000 million), the San Gil variant ($183,012 million), Zipaquirá – San Alberto Comprehensive Road Management, in the Floridablanca – Girón section ($17,485 million) and agreement 1113 – Metropolitan Area from Bucaramanga ($502,847 million).


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