Eligen miembros comisión de integridad gubernamental

Government Integrity Commission members elected

Santo Domingo.- With the aim of strengthening institutional transparency, from 9:00 in the morning this Friday, May 27, the employees of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (Omsa) exercised their right to vote and elected the new members of the government integrity and regulatory compliance commission (Cigcn) of the entity.

At the end of the voting process, the president of the Electoral Committee, Gilberto Zorrilla, said that the new government integrity and regulatory compliance commission will be made up of: Raquel Julissa Vásquez, who obtained 65.78% of the votes; Maridhalia Hernández, with 77.41%; Mildred Montero, with 53.85%; Oscar Baez, with 84.48%, and Pedro Pablo Rosario, with 93.10%.

One of the functions of the Commission will be to promote the institutionalization of ethics and the encouragement of upright conduct in public servants, to monitor compliance with the code of ethics and conduct of public servants. It will be governed by the General Directorate of Government Ethics and Integrity (Digeig) that fights against corruption, conflicts of interest, and free access to information in the administrative government sphere.

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The election day, which had the support of the highest authority of the public transport entity, Radhamés González, was organized to welcome the almost three thousand employees able to exercise their right to vote, in an area set up in the main headquarters of the institution.

The new commission, which will exercise its functions for a period of two years, is made up of a representation of each of the five occupational groups that make up the Omsa structure.

This plural body of public servants is protected under decree 143-17, which establishes that the commissions will have the purpose of promoting the correct behavior of the public servants of the institution.

The formation of the government integrity and regulatory compliance commission (Cigcn) is a commitment to ethics, transparency and honesty, values ​​that were assumed by the current director of Omsa, Radhamés González.

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