Government insists that in Venezuela “there are no victims of crimes against humanity”

Through a statement they explained that the decision, adopted on May 4, “recognizes that the report of the Section for Reparation and Participation of Victims of the International Criminal Court only includes the opinions of ‘potential victims’, thus determining that up to now, there is no victim recognized as such” by the ICC, reported EFE.

“With this pronouncement, the Preliminary Questions Chamber confirms what Venezuela has maintained since the beginning of the process before the ICC: there are no victims of crimes against humanity, since said crimes have never occurred in the national territory,” the letter states. a particular conclusion that has not been reached, for the moment, by the court.

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It adds that it is the “people of Venezuela who have been the victim of blockades and economic aggressions since 2014, derived from the unilateral coercive measures adopted by the United States authorities.”

On the other hand, it claims that the “so-called ‘potential victims’ and, especially, some of the organizations that represent them, may be being instrumentalized to turn the International Criminal Court into a political weapon against the democratic institutions of Venezuela”.

Last month, the regime accused the ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, of “instrumentalizing” Justice “for political purposes”, after the publication of a document in which the Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the arguments presented by Maduro regarding the investigation. of alleged crimes against humanity committed in the country.

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