Government gives utmost urgency to project that establishes compulsory voting

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Ana Lya Uriarteconfirmed this Wednesday that the Government entered the project that establishes compulsory voting in electoral processes with great urgency.

“We have already entered the urgency for the mandatory voting project. It seems to us that it is a reality and it is with the common sense of the people that citizen participation in the civic sphere, in the election of authorities, is an obligation”, said the head of the Segpres.

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The initiative -which has its origin in two merged motions- is in the Constitution Commission of the Senate, in its second constitutional procedure. The Chamber of Deputies and Deputies approved the project in 2021, both in general and in particular.

Let us remember that a few days ago, a group of DC parliamentarians –Ximena Rincon, Matthias Walker, Eric Aedo, joanna perez Y Michelangelo Callisto– exerted pressure and indicated that they would not advance to a new constitutional process in the event that compulsory voting is not established. In that sense, they summoned the Executive and urged them to make the project extremely urgent.

“We are not going to advance in any aspect if it is not clearly and categorically agreed that in each of the parts of this process, and of each of the votes that we are going to face as a country, they will have to have a compulsory vote. ”, Senator Rincón pointed out.

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