Government evaluates continuity of the State of Exception in the south after reducing rural violence by 85%

From being against militarization in the southern zone at the beginning of the administration of the Government headed by President Gabriel Boric, now things are changing and a possible extension of the State of Exception is being evaluated in the provinces of Arauco and Biobío, due to a significant decrease in rural violence in the area after the start of this measure.

The presidential delegate of Biobío, Daniela Dresdner, told Emol that “there are significant decrease figures regarding acts of violence in the area, with different data. Cases associated with rural violence have decreased by 85%. There are disaggregated data , but when I talk about this it is in general terms regarding the crimes under which records are kept in the framework of this conflict”.

The limited State of Exception expires on June 16 and its continuity is under evaluation according to Dresdner. The decrease in acts of violence in the area after putting this constitutional measure into practice has caused the Government to reflect on its initial position since coming to power, where they clearly opposed the State of Exception in the area.

Precisely yesterday, the presidential delegate, Daniela Dresdner, met with representatives of the regional government, parliamentarians from the area, high-ranking Carabineros and the PDI and the chief of Defense, to analyze the situation of violence in the area and a possible extension of the State of Exception, according to El Sur.

Despite the fact that seven of the 16 parliamentarians attended the meeting, the presidential delegate from Biobío indicated that “all the parliamentarians with whom we spoke are available to support this extension of the state of emergency. As a government, it is a path that we are analyzing”.

MPs position

Although different actors of the ruling party have been reluctant to the State of Exception and militarization in the southern zone, there is a group of parliamentarians who have expressed their support for the Government according to the decision taken in the event of an eventual extension of the constitutional measure. .

One of them is the socialist deputy, Gastón Saavedra, who stated that “the ruling party, as those of us who support the President of the Republic are called, are going to deliver our votes. Whoever does not, calls into question their participation in the Government. You are with everything that means, sometimes you have to dance with pleasant music, other times it is difficult and in moments like this you see the value of political alliances”.

For his part, the DC deputy, Eric Aedo, emphasized that “we support the forces of order and security, we also support the state of emergency.” His colleague and party comrade, Joanna Pérez, added that “we must have a different coordination on this issue, with the police and also that all the powers are there, to take care of the real problems we have. There is talk of investment for the area, but it is insufficient for the modernization of the province, and the State is not prepared to combat all the problems”.

From the opposition they have remained firm with their position of maintaining the State of Exception. In this context, the UDI deputy, Sergio Bobadilla, commented that the Armed Forces “need support to end this scourge. Proof of this is that we have a limited state of emergency and we should have a state of siege. That is the problem.” deep down, we have a government that does not believe in the tools provided by the law and there is terrorism in the macro zone”.

For his part, the Evópoli deputy, Sebastián Keitel, argued that “it is relevant to maintain the state of emergency, and given the lack of tools that the police have, we must see how we can contribute from Parliament, and from the Executive we talk with the correct language: we have terrorism in the area. We must not confuse the words, since we are talking about terrorism here and we must highlight the delegate’s invitation to summon us all to the table, but there is still a lot of work to be done, since if we are not talking about terrorism, we will not be able to move forward”.

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