Government establishes that more fresh milk be used in the production of evaporated milk

Government establishes that more fresh milk be used in the production of evaporated milk

The Executive approved this Wednesday the modification of the which will allow more use of fresh milk in the preparation of evaporated milk, informed the minister of Robert Sanchez.

DS has already approved an amendment to the Milk and Dairy Products Regulation that will allow more fresh milk than powder in the preparation of evaporated milk, a higher standard will also improve prices for dairy producers”, said the head of the Mincetur on his Twitter account.

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For his part, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Oscar Zea, also congratulated this approval of the change in the regulation.

The second agrarian reform is a reality. From Midagri we thank my colleagues from the Torres Cabinet and the livestock unions for supporting the approval of the changes to the regulation of dairy products. Evaporated milk will be more nutritious with fresh milk!”, he commented in a tweet.

In March, the head of Midagri announced that his sector presented a proposal to establish the use of fresh milk in the production of evaporated milk in the industry.

Along these lines, he specified that “this will not generate a less nutritious version of dairy products” and that on the contrary, it is giving an additional nutritional value, at the same time that the dairy cattle development of the country is promoted”.

He explained that, since 2017, the dairy industry is governed by the Codex Alimentarius. This allows the free use of powdered milk to make evaporated milk, and that is what would be harming them.

The preparation of evaporated milk must use fresh milk as the only ingredient. The one that comes out of the mammary gland of the cows, there is nothing else, and that must be taken care of by the State and the authorities”, Zea referred at that time.

positions against

However, the National Society of Industries (SNI) warned that if the use of powdered milk for the production of dairy products is prohibited, prices for consumers would rise.

He indicated that farmers have asked the industry to raise the price of a liter of milk from S/ 1.20 to S/ 1.80 as the base price. In addition, they have requested that the product made solely from fresh milk be labeled as evaporated milk, so the use of powdered milk would be limited. That would be the change in the regulation of milk.

Meanwhile, the Dairy Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI) He stated that this measure would threaten consumers, investments and the nutrition of Peruvian families.

He pointed out that the production of national raw milk covers 71% of the national demand. “If the milk deficit cannot be covered, prices for consumers will be increased”, he mentioned.


It’s official. By supreme decree, the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) was raised from S/ 930 to 1,025 soles, aimed at workers subject to the labor regime of private activity. Since when does this measure apply?

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