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Government "don’t see wise" withdraw the declaration of health emergency for a "possible fifth wave"

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Government "don't see wise" withdraw the declaration of health emergency for a "possible fifth wave"

The Government does not see it convenient to withdraw the declaration of a health emergency because it ensures that Bolivia is on the verge of facing a new wave of coronavirus. In addition, they state that this regulation is still necessary because the prices of medicines used in the pandemic must be regulated and because public hospitals must continue equipping themselves. The Bolivian Medical Association says that the Health Emergency Law is “obsolete” and ensures that there will be no medical strikes during the fourth intermission in the dialogue.

“We know that the behavior of Covid-19 is cyclical and is for hours. We know we are going to have a new wave. So, it does not seem prudent to us, it does not seem responsible to us to lift the health emergency; however, they (Bolivian Medical Association) insist that it is possible to lift the health emergency,” said the director of Health Insurance of the Ministry of Health, María Bolivia Rothe.

The official also stated that it is not responsible at this juncture to lift the declaration of a health emergency because this initiative regulates the prices of medicines and also because it encourages the equipping of public hospitals. “If we are waiting for a new wave of Civod-19, which we do not know what its behavior will be, we assume that it will be much more benign. because our population is mostly vaccinated, but it may be that we have cases that need intensive therapy and we have to guarantee these people their right to health,” said Rothe.

The dialogue between the Ministry of Health and the leadership of the doctors entered an intermediate room last Friday. The negotiation will be reinstated on April 19. During this period, health care is guaranteed and the stoppage of activities by doctors and health personnel was ruled out, as explained by the president of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea. “Before there is a mobilization, we prefer to lower the intensity and let the population see that we are in the mood to work; on Tuesday 19 (April) we are going to go to the dialogue”, said the medical leader.

About the declaration of emergency, Larrea considered that this measure in the current situation is “obsolete” because in several regions it is not complied with and said that they gather scientific evidence to demonstrate to the Government that the regulation should be withdrawn. On the subject of the sale of medicines, he affirmed that a special regulation can be created.

“The essence of the regulation (of the declaration of a health emergency) is the penalization of health professionals. If we make a protest tomorrow we will be imprisoned, that is the Health Emergency Law”, explained Larrea, who insisted that his sector is willing to advance in the dialogue.

The Ministry of Health is also on that line. Rothe considered that all the points presented by the leadership of the doctors are worthwhile and that there is no point that has been rejected for discussion.

“The Ministry of Health and Sports is open to sitting at the table and having a technical discussion, a scientific discussion, to make decisions. We are not going to make decisions in the heat of sectarian, union or political positions, we are going to make responsible decisions taking as a priority the health and life of Bolivians, “explained Rothe.

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