Gobierno entrega utilerías escolares

Government delivers school supplies

President Luis Abinader led this Friday the start of the delivery of school kits that will benefit more than 600,000 students of the public education system, in order to alleviate the economic burden of Dominican families with savings of more than one billion pesos. .

With the delivery of school supplies, some 5,023 centers have been identified as beneficiaries of this social policy.

The delivery was made by the National Institute of Student Welfare (Inabie), at the Patria Mella school, in the Alma Rosa I sector, in Santo Domingo Este.

President Luis Abinader hands a backpack with school supplies to a student.

The executive director of unabieVíctor Castro, highlighted that for the first time efforts have been made to ensure that school supplies reach students on time.

“This government’s commitment is to bring timely assistance mainly to families in vulnerable conditions, who are the ones for whom this social policy is intended, especially in the context of uncertainty that the world is experiencing,” Castro said.

According to Inabie, the kits, which have an estimated cost of RD$1,880.57 each and are made up of t-shirts, pants, a pair of shoes and socks, as well as a backpack containing three notebooks, a charcoal pencil, a box of colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser and rulers.

The articles are of national production, an element that also impacts the economic dynamics of the country, benefiting Dominican producers and encouraging the generation of jobs.

The delivery process began with a first stage that will cover more than 300,000 students to exceed 600,000 schoolchildren, who will have the educational clothing prior to the start of the 2022-2023 school year scheduled for September 19.

The school kits will be transferred from the warehouses to the 18 educational regions, from where the delivery chain will continue to the educational districts and later to the 5,023 initial and basic schools identified as beneficiaries.

The beneficiary educational centers are chosen according to the vulnerability map of the Single System of Beneficiaries, according to Inabie.

The enrollment of students who are in the centers with the highest vulnerability index total 221,056 schoolchildren will be covered with the delivery of 100% of the kits. These students belong to six regions that are Baoruco, Azua, Barahona, San Juan, Monte Plata and Montecristi.

The rest of the centers, which total 3,598 campuses, will receive kits for 40% of the current student enrollment, which amounts to 379,004 students belonging to 12 Education regions.

The props are delivered by Inabie to encourage the attendance of students in the classrooms and alleviate the economic burden of the families that will benefit from the kits.

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