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June 13, 2022
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Government cancels nine foreign NGOs, six of them from the US

Ministerio de Gobernación

The Ministry of the Interior (Migob) canceled another nine international non-governmental organizations; six of them originating from the United States, two from Italy and one from Mexico, according to two resolutions published this Monday, June 13, in La Gaceta, Official Gazette.

The outlawed US organizations are: Engineering World Health; Friends of the Americas; Giving for Living International, INC; Research Triangle Institute; Awana International and The Fyera Foundation, details resolution 2022-01772.

The affected Italian NGOs are the Movement for Self-development, Exchange and Solidarity (MAlS) and Progetto Continenti. While the Mexican organization is the Our Little Brothers and Sisters International Association, it indicates resolution 2022-01700.

Migob accuses NGOs of not registering as foreign agents, despite the fact that they are bound by Law 1040, the Foreign Agents Regulation Law. It also indicates that they violate Law 1115, the General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations by not delivering financial statements according to fiscal periods with detailed breakdowns, nor their boards of directors and the identity and origin information of all their members. donors.

This new guillotine occurs just two days after the government canceled 17 international organizations. From 2018 to date, the Daniel Ortega regime has outlawed 571 NGOs – 93 will be canceled this Tuesday by the Assembly. Of that number, 53 are international, according to a count of Confidential, based on the initiatives of decrees approved by Parliament and Migob resolutions published in La Gaceta.

Contrary to national entities, the Migob resolves to dissolve international organizations through a direct resolution, and not through the presentation of cancellation decree initiatives to the Assembly. Until now, the reason for the specific procedure for that group of organizations is unknown, of which it claims to have “failed to comply with its obligations under the Nicaraguan Laws that regulate them.”

liquidation of goods

The Migob guides the annulled organizations that their liquidation of goods and assets will apply what is established in article 32 of Law 1115. The new regulation, questioned for legalizing the de facto confiscation that the Government had been doing to Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), establishes that the assets acquired by the organizations during their time of operation in the country “may not be distributed among their associates or workers.”

In addition, they determined that within 72 hours they must deliver to Migob “all documents related to the liquidation of goods and assets, as well as accounting books,” reads the resolution.

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