Government bets on agriculture with increased production

Government bets on agriculture with increased production

Within the framework of the World Agriculture Day that was celebrated yesterday, and with figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia has mmore than 5.6 million hectares planted with agricultural products. The bet, according to the portfolio, is to increase production and thus guarantee food security.

Similarly, the Ministry assured that currently in Colombia the agricultural frontier has more than 39 million hectares to plant.

For her part, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cecilia López, assured that “Today, World Agriculture Day, has meaning for Colombia, because the rural sector and agricultural production are the highest priority of this government. But not only as a sector but with the population, with the peasant and producer who have made it possible for the country, even in times as critical as the pandemic, to have a food supply”.

Other entities such as Society of Farmers of Colombia (SAC) they also spoke before the celebration of the day. “The Colombian countryside is synonymous with resilience, tenacity and opportunity. If we want a better Colombia, without a doubt we need a better field”, they stated.


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