Government and INE agree to postpone the Census to 2024: “It has been made difficult as a result of the pandemic”

The Ministry of Economy, together with the National Institute of Statistics (INE), agreed that the Population and Housing Census, set for 2023, will be postponed to the first semester of 2024 between the months of March and June.

The INE reported that the process of preparing the Census needs time for its design and planning, which “has been made difficult as a result of the pandemic”, for which the Advisory Committee recommended postponing the date, since it needs at least one year for adjustments.

Along the same lines, the agency explained that the Covid-19 pandemic “has not allowed an exhaustive testing plan to be carried out to guarantee a good process of implementing the Census survey.”

However, the INE called for calm regarding the country’s statistical needs, indicating that “the abbreviated Census carried out in 2017 allows adequate coverage of current information requirements for timely and relevant decision-making in the field of public policies until the year 2025”.

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