Government admits account created in Argentina and deletes it after controversy

Government admits account created in Argentina and deletes it after controversy

September 20, 2022, 4:00 AM

September 20, 2022, 4:00 AM

The Facebook pages of the Vice Ministry of Communication and its owner, in addition to Until yesterday morning, the State media had a registered account with a location in Argentina whose purpose, according to the Government, was for the computer security of the accounts. However, after the controversy generated by a note published by EL DEBER, the profile was removed, except from the Red Patria Nueva – Radio Illimani page.

Yes, we have an account outside the country, but it is managed from Bolivia and it is for a computer security issue.. All accounts are managed from Bolivia by public servants as it should be”, admitted the Deputy Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón, at a press conference.

According to the records and screenshots of the “Transparency of the page” section, made by this means, Between Friday and Monday movements were registered in the state pages.

For example, the verified page Communication from the Plurinational State of Bolivia registered 19 administrators, yesterday it appeared with 18 and the profile of Argentina is no longer visible.

The “fan page” of the deputy minister Gabriela Alcón Merubia had 10 profiles that managed her account and now there are nineless the profile with a foreign location.

The most drastic changes occurred in the Newspaper Now the Town that had 28 administrators and now only 22 are registered. Meanwhile, the verified page of Bolivia Tv went from 10 to eight administrator profiles.
The Red Patria Nueva – Radio Illimani remained with 19 administrators, 18 from Bolivia and one from Argentina.

The general director of Communication Policies, Enrique Pomar, explained that The profiles of Argentina were not deleted and he assured that only the location was changed.

“It was not deleted, the residence of the account that continues to fulfill the same role was changed on Facebook. This practice is intended to guarantee the security of the page”, Pomar responded in writing to a questionnaire sent by this means.

However, the number of profiles managing each state account was not maintained if that logic is followed.
When asked if the account in Argentina belonged to a person or company, he replied that “it is a control userwhich does not belong to a person, but to the Social Networks Unit, with the sole purpose of supporting the administration of the accounts”.

Pomar argued that even if you have accounts verified by Facebook there is a risk of blockingbut clarified that a computer security service is not contracted.

At the press conference, the deputy minister assured, somewhat annoyed, that there are no contracts or foreign advice.

Evo and his social networks
Former president Evo Morales felt alluded to by the news that indicates that the pages of Radio Kawsachun Coca and MAS-IPSP are managed from the United States, Argentina, Vietnam and Bolivia. Although this medium did not refer to his Twitter account, the MAS leader clarified that only he and his communication assistant manage his profile.

I disprove disinformation with the force of truth from @grupoeldeber that insinuates that our Twitter account is managed by foreign and paid advisors. Fake!” she wrote.

Although his “fan page” in Facebook, where you write in the first person, is managed by seven people in Bolivia.

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