Google launches Bard, its AI chatbot

At the moment, Google’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot will be available to a limited number of users in the United States and Great Britain, but it is the step that so many have been waiting for from Google.

According to company executives, this cautious launch seeks to catch up with the chatbot fever that Microsoft (added to its Bing search engine) and OpenAI (ChatGPT) have proposed to the public in recent months.

The New York Times He said Google “is taking a much more circumspect approach than its competitors, which have faced criticism that unpredictable and sometimes unreliable technology is proliferating.”

Many analysts have considered that chatbots may constitute a threat to the most lucrative business of the Mountain View giant, its search engine, which has largely dominated the market for at least twenty years.

Google has reacted with Bard, as a separate product from its search engine, the underlying technology of which has been in development since 2015.

Despite its launch, some of its executives have indicated that they have not yet determined how they will make money with it and recognized that, like its competitors, the tool is also still lacking.

“We are very aware of the problems; we need to responsibly bring this to market,” said Eli Collins, Google’s vice president of research. “At the same time, we see all the enthusiasm in the industry and the enthusiasm from all the people using generative AI.”

At the moment, we do know that Google will bring AI to the paid Docs and Sheets apps for businesses, and that some 20 AI products and features will be introduced.

Google executives touted Bard as a creative tool good for composing everything from emails to poems and “giving back” information on just about anything.

Google, as well as OpenAI and Microsoft expect users to “educate” chatbots as they use it.

Sissi Hsiao, Google’s vice president of products, said the company wants to be bold in innovating with this technology, while also being responsible.

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