Goodbye to The Strongest;  Henry Vaca returned to Oriente Petrolero

Goodbye to The Strongest; Henry Vaca returned to Oriente Petrolero

July 7, 2022, 7:59 AM

July 7, 2022, 7:59 AM

Henry Vaca returned to Oriente Petrolero. The attacker will wear the albiverde shirt again after a semester of having played in The Strongest. The low performance shown and the few minutes that Cristian Díaz gave him meant that the club-player relationship was not optimal.

With Henry infatuated with leaving the La Paz team For several weeks, the news has been cooking. The player pressured the media with statements to La Paz media, in which he stated that Oriente Petrolero had made a purchase offer and that at that moment the player expected “that it will happen, and an agreement will be reached”.

To clarify any doubts, if there were any, the same player replied at the time that “he looked favorably on returning to the East.” This was added to the departure of the player from the city of La Pazand the different publications of Vaca on social networks, where he was seen in Santa Cruz and its surroundings without appearing in The Strongest.

For the local tournament, Henry sweated the aurinegra shirt in 17 games, of which played four as a starter and in 13 he entered as a substitute. It was 739 minutes in total, which, on average, was almost 44 minutes per game. At that time, barely scored a goalwhich was as a visitor against Palmaflor by 0-3, when the group stage was played on February 13 last.

In international tournaments he did not have a great step either, because played seven games for Libertadores, including the previous phases and the group phase, and a single South American match. In that handful of appearances at the international level he could not sing any goal shout.

Now, in the 2021 season with the refiner t-shirt‘el 10’ participated in 27 matches, in which he scored eight goals and gave another eight assists. With Henry’s arrival in the East closed, the second chapter of the athlete as a refiner opens. He will have the challenge of recovering his lost confidence, good football passages and meet a challenge that he set himselfto show his talent abroad again.

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