Good nutrition and physical activity: pillars for good health

There is a belief that the more exercise you do, the better the result, but this is not always the case. Exercise six days a week without taking any rest, you will end up achieving the completely opposite objective to what is intended.

This will lead us to suffer from muscle fatigue and tiredness, which will lead to frequent injuries.

HE I would make a serious mistake when thinking that with four days of training you should not take two days of rest. Subject our body to a greater effort without being used to, In addition to carrying a risk of injury, it can lead to failure in sports due to unnecessary overexertion and fatigue.

The people looking for a hypertrophy job, that is to say, to increase its musculature, should let the muscles rest smaller ones like biceps or triceps for a couple of days and larger muscle groups like back or chest for up to two and a half to three days.

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Must be train once a week each muscle group. When a muscle is rested, it will perform much better when training and more can be demanded of it.

Is Complete recovery is necessary for best results. In this way, the muscle adapts to the last work done, gaining strength or volume and preparing for the next level of demand.


rest days are important for athletic performance for various reasons, both physiological and some psychological. Rest is physically necessary so that muscles can repair, rebuild, and become stronger.

If this is not done properly, it can cause mood swings until the level of performance is reduced.

Also, you will experience hormonal changes derived from the lack of proper rest. At the immunological level, it will cause the production of red blood cells to be affected, leading to infections, diseases, stress and a decreased healing capacity.

As for the physical injuries, the most typical are muscle tears due to stress that make it impossible for us to practice exercise for a while, even the cardiovascular system can be affected, since excessive training without rest can cause unexpected increases in heart rate and changes in blood pressure.

From the psychological point of view, rest also serves to review objectives, rreconsider the work system and think about other things so as not to be obsessed with performance.

Recovery also allows the body can replenish energy reserves and repair damaged tissues, That is why after practicing excessive exercise it is important to sleep adequately.

The greater the number of hours of training, the more hours of night rest the body will need to recover.

The muscles need a recovery period and the best time is at night since that is when the growth hormone works. Thus, if the intensity of the training is high, the recommended rest hours can vary between 10 and 12 hours. If the sport is moderate, 8 hours is enough.

The 10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene for Adults

*Establish a regular time to go to sleep and wake up.

*If you are in the habit of taking naps, do not exceed 45 minutes of daytime sleep.

*Avoid excessive alcohol intake four hours before bedtime and do not smoke.

*Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea, and many soft drinks, as well as chocolate.

*Avoid heavy, spicy or sugary foods four hours before bedtime. A light snack before bed is acceptable.

*Exercise regularly, but not right before bed.

*Use comfortable and cozy bedding.

*Find a comfortable sleep temperature setting and keep the room well ventilated

*Block out all distracting noise and remove as much light as possible.

* Reserve your bed for sleeping and sex, avoiding its use for work or general recreation.

For his part, Dr. Elena Medina, neurophysiologist at the Department of Adult Neurology at the Hospital de Clínicasexplained that maintaining quality sleep and rest hours depend on age and other factors.

How much the smaller we are, the more we sleep, as the years go by, older adults sleep less, explained the professional.

In turn, he explained that the sleep cycles are important for sleep qualityThese are divided into four phases.

The first stage is called N1, which corresponds to a little superficial sleep, N2 becomes deeper, N3 is already a deep sleep and REM sleep is when people are completely relaxed.


At bedtime, excessive light and sound stimuli should be avoided, try to comply with the same rest schedule and do it in a quiet environment.

To be possible, do not use electronic devices before going to sleep, as these can trigger wakefulness, causing lack of sleep.

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