Gonsalves: Chávez's work continues in the love of the peoples

Gonsalves: Chávez’s work continues in the love of the peoples

The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves and president pro tempore of Celac, pointed out that the true legacy of Hugo Chávez is manifested in his love for children, the most excluded.

“Hugo Chávez’s work continues every morning, he expressed his love for children, the most vulnerable, the invisible, love for people was in his blood and took root in his bones,” said Gonsalves during his speech at the closing ceremony of World Meeting for the Validity of the Bolivarian Thought of Commander Chávez in the 21st centurywhich took place in the Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño Theater, Caracas, with the presence of State authorities, the Military High Command and international delegations from 60 countries.

In his reflection he emphasized the generosity that always accompanied Chávez.

“Chávez is a gift from God. Hugo Chávez dedicated his life in struggle and sacrifice to help the poor and the workers, to fight against imperialism, defend sovereignty and stand firm against any attempt to interfere and intervene in his country. Chávez’s work continues in the love of the peoples, ”he said.

Gonsalves highlighted the role of the Venezuelan people in the face of the attack by North American imperialism, which he described as “the largest and most powerful in the world” in the face of the sanctions and unilateral coercive measures imposed that affect the Venezuelan people.

“That country (USA) mobilized all the power against the people of Venezuela, however this Homeland survived and has improved even more. They thought that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela I was not going to live after the physical departure of Commander Chávez, but the bases, and the pillars that he had built are very strong”, he indicated.

Likewise, Gonsalves mentioned integration instruments created by Chávez such as Petrocaribe, always seeking a broader integration, accompanied by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who devised the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba).

“Fidel and Chávez are our source of inspiration, they are our guides. Today, once again, we pay tribute to Chávez. He lives and, therefore, in our work we cannot do anything that undermines, that upsets the ideas that he, that they defended and raise even higher the fight for peace, for security, for justice, for the prosperity of all of us,” he stressed.

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