Gold points! Blooming defeated Nacional Potosí 0-1 at Villa Imperial

Gold points! Blooming defeated Nacional Potosí 0-1 at Villa Imperial

July 19, 2023, 22:06 PM

July 19, 2023, 22:06 PM

Three points. Blooming defeated Nacional Potosí at Villa Imperial and continues his heroic feat. The Academy suffered and won an almost impossible match. Leader of Group C and well above the middle of the table in Averages.

Nacional Potosí involved Blooming from the start but it had no depth. The visit had only one chance in the first half and billed. The match was on a sloped pitch, with Braulio Urazeaña making a figure on two occasions to clear direct shots.

Blooming opened the scoring with a Masterful free kick by Pedro Omar Siles at 2′. The midfielder fired from near the left corner of the large area, and the ball went into the corner. Mustafa swiped at her, but could only push her off the post and into the goal anyway.

The meeting held as ruler of Nacional Potosí, but the attacks were well contained by Braulio Uraezaña. The local team became desperate and left spaces that were not used by Sinisterra either. The Colombian was without company and it was difficult for him to attack.

About the end of the first half, the local suffered an expulsion. Diego Hoyos locked up with Figuera at 48′ and ended up sent off after the VAR review. The player from Nacional Potosí put a very strong iron on the ankle of the Blooming player and left his team with one less.

The second stage was another monologue, but no ideas really. Blooming gave him his own medicine and stole three units at the Víctor Agustín Ugarte.

Joy is total in the celestial ones. Braulio Uraezaña rose as the great figure, beyond Pedro Siles’s goal. “We can’t relax.” sentenced the national goalkeeper.

Blooming must continue its climb out of the relegation zone, and must do so against FC Universitario in Cochabamba. That match will be for Date 20 of the Bolivian League, this Monday starting at 6:00 p.m.

Nacional Potosí also needs to climb in the averages, but to ensure a place in Libertadores for next year. The team from San Luis will have to receive Aurora at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, at Victor Agustin Ugarte.

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