Goes through Mexico seeks to repeat in Edomex the winning formula of Durango

Goes through Mexico seeks to repeat in Edomex the winning formula of Durango

“The PAN has what,” says the PAN leader

Marko Cortés, national leader of the PAN, assures that in the State of Mexico they seek to go with the best profiles: “National Action has what it takes and what we seek is that, in the search for a clear rule and a great political agreement, they remain the best candidates.

Cortés clarified that the PAN will push “with all its might” its candidate Enrique Vargas, former mayor of Huixquilucan, to lead the coalition.

“Let ours be the ones who lead the proposal, because they have experience in governing and they have experience in winning elections,” he said.

On August 5, the leader of the PAN “uncovered” Vargas as his candidate for governor in the state of Mexico, which set off alarms among the members of Va por México, since voices like that of the PRD member Ángel Ávila had to come out to declare that this was not a harbinger of a breakup of the coalition.

Even the representative of the PRD before the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) commented that his party would launch Omar Ortega, just as the Citizen Movement (MC) profiles Juan Zepeda and Morena Delfina Gómez.

“So there is no breaking of anything. All the alliances have been built from the pre-candidates of each party and from there a survey is carried out to find out who is the best candidate with whom you can win, ”he insisted.

PRI, in open internal struggle; “Alito” defends himself

The PRI is experiencing a double struggle: on the one hand, the internal one between the candidates Ana Lilia Herrera and Alejandra del Moral, for the Mexican candidacy; on the other, legally, to prevent its leader from being lawless.

Referring to “Va por México”, Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI, maintained that his party is building a solid and winning proposal.

According to Moreno Cárdenas, it is normal for passions to arise in a contest, but –he added– the important thing about each party is that it allows its candidates to have that participation and path to be considered: “Especially when we are in a position to form a coalition” in a fundamental state for the Republic”.

We have to allow those who have aspirations to participate. National Action has been clear about that option with one of its candidates (Enrique Vargas) to aspire to the candidacy; the PRD has also done it and has pointed it out (with Omar Ortega)”

Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the PRI

“What we are building today is responsibly, first, competitiveness; second, not only go together, but really have a project, promoting coalition governments”, he detailed.

The former governor of Campeche assured that the party is working for a “solid and powerful” candidacy: “We are strengthening our coalition. They are not going to divide it. We are together because we are going to defend Mexico. They are not going to silence us and we are going to raise our voices not only here, but also internationally”.

“What the governor (Alfredo del Mazo) has done is try to build a government, give results to the people of Mexiquenses and we have no doubt that the governor of El Mazo, in his responsibility consecrated to him by the Constitution, in his political rights, respecting the law and respecting his role, I have not the slightest doubt that he will support the PRI candidate with everything, but above all, he will support the coalition,” Moreno said.

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