Godoy Cruz beat Central Córdoba and shows his improvement

Godoy Cruz beat Central Córdoba and shows his improvement

The celebration of Ojeda (Photo: Ramiro Gómez).

Godoy Cruz, who with the technical duo made up of Favio Orsi and Sergio Gómez is in a process of football recovery and results in the Professional League Cup, continued on that path this Monday night in Mendoza, where he beat Central at home Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero, 1 to 0, by the 13th. Zone 2 date.

A goal from their top figure, Martín Ojeda, 44 minutes into the first half, gave the Cuyos victory over those led by Sergio Rondina.

In this way Godoy Cruz, who in any case will not be enough for this victory to have even a minimal aspiration to get into the quarterfinal phase, does have renewed hopes of improving his average to maintain the category this seasonsomething that now became his main objective.

Photo Ramiro Gomez
(Photo: Ramiro Gómez).

It is that the Cuyos are precisely in the relegation zone (down two at the end of the season) along with Patronato, from Paraná, while the people from Santiago are circumstantially a little more relieved.

Of course, the two do not divide equally in that equation of the table of averages, so each success of Central Córdoba makes them go up several steps in the positions, just as each defeat also makes them go down abruptly.

On the other hand, the one from Mendoza is more balanced, but it also forces them to add more to reach those immediately above, which are the “squid” from Platense, which to their misfortune, they divide by three.

Photo Ramiro Gomez
(Photo: Ramiro Gómez).

Under that premise, Godoy Cruz then went out to play against his people, and despite the small difference, he was always convinced that the victory was going to be his, through play and attitude, something that Orsi and Gómez knew how to instill in him in a short time, to such an extent point that they were even close to beating Boca in the Bombonera itself. And there they go, the coaches wanting to stay in first, precisely in their first experience in the highest category of Argentine soccer.


Godoy Cruz: Juan Espinola; Nestor Breitenbruch, Gianluca Ferrari, Guillermo Ortíz and Franco Negri; Gonzalo Abrego, Nelson Acevedo, Martín Ojeda and Ezequiel Bullaude; Matías Ramírez and Salomón Rodríguez. DTs: Favio Orsi-Sergio Gomez.

Central Cordoba (SE): Christopher Toselli; Matías Ruiz Díaz, Matías Di Benedetto, Franco Sbuttoni and Jonathan Bay; Jesús Soraire, Matías Laba, Francisco González Metilli and Gonzalo Ríos; Pablo Argañaraz and Claudio Riaño. DT: Sergio Rondine.

Goal in the first half: 44m. Ojeda (GC).

Change in the first half: 14m. Nicolas Linares for Laba (CC).

Changes in the second half: When starting Alejandro Martínez by Ríos (CC), 18m. Tadeo Allende by Ramírez (GC), 24m. Sebastián Ribas for Argañaraz (CC) and Lucas Besozzi for González Metilli (CC); 30m. Nahuel Banegas by Sbuttoni (CC), 36m. Bruno Laws by Bullaude (GC), 43m. Leonel González for Negri (GC) and Nahuel Brunet for Ojeda (GC).

Warned: Ferrari and Laws (GC). Di Benedetto and Ruiz Diaz (CC).

Stadium: Argentine Malvinas (Mendoza).

Referee: Jorge Balino.

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