Two alleged spies captured in Lara

GNB warns about fraud committed from prisons

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Detachment 343, undertook work aimed at neutralizing a criminal group that defrauds from some prisons in the country, military sources reported.

Preliminary reports indicate that several residents of the Pedro Zaraza municipality (Guárico) have received a text message informing them that they have benefited from a combo of eight white-line appliances.

Some victims have reported the matter to Detachment 343 of the GNB that works in Zaraza (Guárico), commanded by Captain Johan Sierra Sánchez. From there they have made a technological tracking of the messages sent to the victims’ cell phones.

Initial results of this tracking show that the messages are sent from the Yare II Capital Region Penitentiary Center, located in the Simón Bolívar municipality (San Francisco de Yare), Miranda state, according to military sources.

Upon learning of this information, GNB Detachment 343 has instructed its agents to warn the community not to pay attention to the messages sent from the aforementioned Mirandino prison.

The text sent by the scammers reads as follows: “Good morning, you are the coordinator of the Great Mission “Movement we are Venezuela” Productive Venepatria Sergeant Abraham Ignacio Ramos you have been, benefited from a combo of white line appliances of 8 items for the date. 12/31/2022. Call as soon as possible.”

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