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GNB official sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing a woman

GNB official

The Venezuelan Justice sentenced an official of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) to 26 years and six months in prison for the death of a woman in the state of Amazonas, reported this Thursday the Public ministry.

In October 2015, Sergeant Yilber González, 28, fired several shots in the middle of a party and wounded Diana Cedeño, 23, according to a press release from the MP.

The woman was taken to a hospital, where she died minutes later.

The GNB official was apprehended and placed under the order of the Public Ministry, which charged him with the crimes of aggravated homicide, perpetrated with treachery and futile motives, and improper use of a regulation weapon.

The Prosecutor’s Office added that, once the “means and evidence exposed by the prosecutors in the case” had been evaluated, the First Trial Court of Amazonas handed down the sentence against González, who will serve it in command of the GNB.

On July 13, the Public Ministry reported on the sentence against four Guárico state police officers to almost 16 years in prison for having murdered a man in 2009.

The four uniformed men were sentenced for their responsibility in said death and in the injuries caused to another man.

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