GNB arrested three from the Tren del Llano with weapons and drugs

GNB arrested three from the Tren del Llano with weapons and drugs

Three members of the criminal organization Tren del Llano were captured in the Pedro Zaraza municipality, eastern Guárico, according to military sources.

In a first procedure, the military stationed at the Citizen Service Point located in Zaraza, Detachment 343, detained two men identified as César David Gómez Chipanos (El César) and Henry José Sánchez (El Chuta), who were coming as passengers in a unit of public transport.

A 16-gauge shotgun, a facsimile, and a radio transmitter were seized from the subjects.

Gómez and Sánchez present numerous police records for robbery, personal injury and vehicle theft, among other crimes, according to Cicpc-Zaraza records for the period 2009 and 2015.

Another procedure was carried out by Detachment 343 of the GNB in ​​Zaraza, La Florida sector, where they detained another member of the Tren del Llano criminal group.

In this case, the person captured was registered as Daniel Alexander Piñango González (El Cara Corta), who has police records between 2013 and 2014 for generic robbery, generic theft, illegal possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances, and theft of a motor vehicle.

This subject is on the most wanted list in the area.

At the time of his arrest, the military seized a portable radio transmitter and 20 mini-packages of drugs.

The Tren del Llano installed a cell in the Pedro Zaraza municipality which is dedicated to collecting vaccine in currency from agro-producers in the region as well as the sale of drugs, among other crimes.

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