Gladys Gutiérrez appointed as president of the Supreme Court of Justice

Gladys Gutiérrez appointed as president of the Supreme Court of Justice

Judge Gladys Gutiérrez Alvarado was appointed as the new president of the highest court in the country. During an act, she announced the names of those who make up the committee of magistrates and magistrates that she chairs, and indicated that it will address the tasks entrusted to it.

Judge Gutiérrez then proceeded to read the new structure of the country’s Supreme Court of Justice:

President of the TSJ

Gladys Maria Gutierrez

Vice Presidents:

  • Edgar Gavidia
  • Henry Timaure

Constitutional Chamber:

  • Gladys Maria Gutierrez
  • Lourdes Suarez
  • Calixto Ortega
  • Thania D’Amelio

Administrative Political Chamber

  • Malachi Gil
  • Barbara Caesar
  • Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Election Hall

  • caryslia rodriguez
  • Fanny Marquez
  • Innocent Figueroa

Civil Cassation Chamber

  • carmen alves
  • Henry Tapia
  • Jose Luis Tapia

Criminal Cassation Chamber

  • Elsa Gomez
  • carmen castro
  • Michael Moreno

Social Cassation Room

  • Edgar Gaviria
  • charles castle
  • Elijah Escalona

This Tuesday the National Assembly (AN) appointed 20 main magistrates and their respective substitutes. This, in response to the reform of the Organic Law of the TSJ that reduced the number of magistrates of the high court of the country from 32 to 20.

Among the top 20 designated, 11 come from the previous period and were ratified by the AN; while nine are new entrants.

The new ones

The list of new entrants as main magistrates is made up of Gladys Gutiérrez, Tania D’Amelio, Juan Carlos Hidalgo Caryslia Rodríguez, Henry Timaure, José Luis Gutiérrez, Carmen Marisela Castro Carlos Castillo and Elías Bittar.

While the 11 ratified are: Lourdes Anderson, Luis Damiani Bustillos, Calixto Ortega, Bárbara Siero, Famny Márquez, Maikel Moreno, Elsa Gómez, Edgar Gavidia, Inocencio Figueroa, Malaquías Gil and Carmen Alves.

Some of those 11 ratified ones were changed of rooms or they happened to occupy the position of substitutes. René Degraves, who was the main magistrate in the Constitutional Chamber, will now be a substitute in that same instance.

Eulalia Guerrero, principal in the Political-Administrative Chamber, was appointed substitute there.

Malaquías Gil, who was principal in the Electoral Chamber, now goes to the Political-Administrative.

Inocencio Figueroa became principal in the Electoral Chamber after being in the Political-Administrative Chamber.

Judge Carmen Alves, who was part of the Electoral Chamber, will now be in the Civil Chamber.

Among the new magistrates are Major General (Ex), Henry Timaure, former President of the Court Martial and Katerine Harrington, former Deputy Attorney General.

Four former rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) enter as magistrates of the TSJ: Tania D’Amelio, José Luis Gutiérrez, Luis Emilio Rondón and Carlos Castillo.

Retired 18 magistrates

And this is the list of the 18 magistrates who are leaving for retirement reasons: Juan Luis Ibarra, Francia Coello, Yanina Karabin, Marjorie Calderón, Jesús Jiménez, Danilo Mojica, Mónica Tortorella, Carmen Zuleta, Arcadio Delgado, Juan Mendoza, María Carolina Ameliach , Marcos Medina, Indira Alfonzo, Grisel López, Guillermo Blanco (appointed director of the National School of the Judiciary), Vilma Fernández, Francisco Velásquez and Yván Darío Bastardo Flores.

Gladys Gutiérrez appointed as president of the Supreme Court of Justice

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