Ghost propaganda case: Justice determines house arrest for Cisneros officials

Ghost propaganda case: Justice determines house arrest for Cisneros officials

This Tuesday, Justice ordered house arrest for Giovanni Gamarra Ruiz and Enrique Ibarra Flores, the two representatives of the Cisneros advertising company who are accused of being involved in the alleged diversion of funds from the Santa Cruz government, in the so-called ‘ghost propaganda’ case.

The prosecutor Rose María Barrientos presented the elements that were collected during the investigation, including the Gamarra statementwho admitted that Cisneros received money from the Governor’s Office to advertise the Democrats’ political campaign.

Both officials were charged with the crimes of reception from crimes of corruption and obstruction to justice and the commission of prosecutors investigating this case requested that they be sent preventively to the Palmasola prison.

However, after hearing the arguments of both parties, the Third Judge of Anticorruption Roberto Parada determined to grant them house arrest, payment of a bail of Bs 30,000 and ordered the annotation of his real estate. In addition, he prohibited them from approaching the former officials of the Communication Directorate of the Government.

For this case, what investigates the alleged diversion of resources from the Government of Santa Cruz to finance the political campaign of the Democrats party, the leaders of the green party are also prosecuted: Rubén Costas, Roly Aguilera and Manuel Saavedra.

On April 27, in a precautionary hearing, Judge Roberto Parada ordered the house arrest of the three defendants, rooting, payment of bail and presentation before the Prosecutor’s Office every Friday to sign a record.

In the indictment presented by the Public Ministry Costas is accused of five crimes: breach of duties, embezzlement, improper use of influence, uneconomic conduct, and laundering of ill-gotten gains. While Aguilera and Saavedra are accused of reception from crimes of corruption and legitimization of illicit profits.

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