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Gerardo Sotelo praises Israel: “It is a democratic, diverse and pluralistic State”

Gerardo Sotelo, director of SECAN.  Photo: Twitter / SECAN
Gerardo Sotelo, director of SECAN. Photo: Twitter / SECAN

On the last day of FIFA U-20 World CupArgentina 2023, the eleventh of Israel gave the surprise by eliminating the favorite Brazil 3-2going to the next phase and preparing to receive the United States or Uruguay.

Before the Israeli victory, the director of the National Audiovisual Communication Service (SECAN), Gerardo Sotelo, went to Twitter, a social network in which he is quite active, to praise Israel not only in sports, but also to position himself politically in favor of Israel. of the Israeli state.

On Saturday night, Sotelo tweeted: “Israel they qualified for the quarterfinals in the Under 20 World Cup with a historic victory against Brazil. His greatest football feat was achieved with goals from two Muslim Arabs and a Jew; three Israelis, born in a Democratic, diverse and pluralistic State. Congratulations on all of that.”

Replies with criticism and support

This generated hundreds of replies criticizing his position before Israel, a nation questioned for the way in which it approaches its relationship with Palestine. Israel and successive governments have been criticized by the international community for the inequality of rights that exist between pro-Zionist Jewish Israelis and other people of Arab origin or who practice the Muslim religion.

Twitter user Rodrigo Lessa Cariboni responded to Sotelo by saying: “(Israel is) Pluralistic depending on which side of the ghetto wall you are on.”

Nicolás Machado Güida commented: “A State that oppresses and segregates an entire people. That’s what’s on the right. They only see the Human Rights issue if it is a poor country and has some ideological orientation contrary to theirs. But applause for China and applause for Israel”.

“Don’t mix football with politics, but if it’s with Israel a bit we do mix, right Sotelo?” criticized the tweeter Horacio Luna. For his part, @jotagarcia22 ironized that “in the Gaza strip they are throwing bombs to celebrate(?)”.

It’s like saying that racism doesn’t exist in the US because there are blacks who play soccer.. You can have a political position, but not nonsense, ”she added on his part @ CongulAl9009.

«And in Uruguay in the last one a Catholic scored one goal, another an atheist and two by an umbandista. What does it have to do. Stop defending genocidal states,” added @gilbenn.

There were also those who agreed in the praises of Israel. The user Diego Wisznewer, stated: “Excellent Sotelo, and it seems crazy, but I have to thank you for telling the truth that it is so difficult for other myopic media and politicians, congratulations. Israel is a plural democracy, unique in the Middle East.

Georgina Pierini also agreed with Sotelo: “I admire that dear people of Israel. Everyone I know honors human quality more than anyone.”

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