George Forsyth proposes centralizing smart traffic lights to improve traffic

George Forsyth responds to Omar Chehade: “As his boss Nadine used to say, ‘how difficult it is to walk straight'”

The candidate of ,responded to the Alliance for Progress candidate, Omar Chehade, reminding him when his time in the Government of after he questioned him for having resigned from the mayoralty of to be a presidential candidate.

The topic on which they had to debate, within the framework of the call made by Latina Television, was the transportation situation; however, both Chehade and Forsyth remembered their political backgrounds.

“As mayor of La Victoria, you faced street vendors and not criminals. He failed in La Victoria. Nobody loves a district and then leaves it, what guarantees us that he does not leave Lima for another failed adventure towards the presidency”, he stated.

Omar Chehade questioned George Forsyth’s intentions about whether he would leave the Municipality of Lima if he is elected mayor, since in the past Forsyth stepped aside in the Municipality of La Victoria to start his presidential campaign. “I don’t think you wanted to abandon Alianza Lima just as you abandoned La Victoria, if you love a district, you don’t abandon it,” said the Alliance for Progress candidate. (Source: Latin TV)

In this regard, the applicant from Somos Perú said that he did not abandon his district, but sought to “fight from above.”

“I never left my district but the doors were closed to us, that’s why I started a fight from above and now I fight from Lima to give development to all the neighbors. We cut insecurity by half, outpatient commerce is not a problem, we have confronted the mafias”, he pointed,

I understand what you want [a Chehade] come out of anonymity, sometimes how difficult it is to walk straight, as your partner Nadine Heredia used to say. Things are said up front, I’m going to be there until the last day”, he added.

The heated discussion took place in the municipal debate organized in Latina, a few weeks before the elections are held, scheduled for Sunday, October 2.


Interior Minister Statements
Interior Minister Statements

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