General Luis Vera assures that Castillo and the Minister of the Interior weaken the Police

General Luis Vera assures that Castillo and the Minister of the Interior weaken the Police

former commanding general of the spoke about the latest changes made in key positions within the institution, which were ordered by the President of the Republic, after denouncing Colonel Harvey Colchado for the raid on the Government Palace in search of Yenifer Paredes.

Vera Llerena asserted that the head of state is weakening the National Police due to the constant changes that are made in the position of general commander.

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(Is Pedro Castillo groping the Police?) He is weakening, this is the fourth general commander. The former commanding general he had almost the same time as me and in these times there is no progress and the institution is weakened. We need our institution to be strengthened in the fight against organized crime”, he declared for RPP.

Next, Vera Llerena stated that the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huertatoo a “jagged” Y “weakened” the Police with the latest modifications that were taken from the Government.

He (Willy Huerta) has also been a police commander and when we talked he told me that he does respect the institution, but now, with this decision, it is not what it says. He has dented and weakened this institutioninstead of strengthening and saying that such sudden changes cannot be made because they must give the command some time to continue the plans”, he pointed out.

Finally, Vera Llerena described the new appointments as a “offense and a hit”, Well, he explained that during his three months in the post he had advanced plans to strengthen the police institution, but finally this was frustrated.

(Does it seem usual to you that the high command changes every three months?) It is not normal. It is an offense and an outrage because the institution that has plans is delayed. In these three months I have advanced plans to strengthen my institution and it is frustrated, so the institution does not grow and is weakened every day“, said.

Changes in PNP

As you remember, on August 27, Pedro Castillo decided to go into retirement to Luis Alberto Vera Llerena and terminate his appointment as PNP commander general. In this way, the lieutenant general of the PNP entered his place Raul Enrique Alfaro Alvarado.

The other two changes were the appointments of Segundo Leoncio Mejía Montenegro and Vicente Marcelo Álvarez Moreno as Inspector General and new Chief of the General Staff, respectively.

Statements by the former general commander of the PNP, Luis Vera Llerena


Statements by Yenifer Paredes at her hearing
Statements by Yenifer Paredes at her hearing

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