Gendarmes abide by a 48-hour strike demanding that the Mayor of Santa Cruz respect their labor rights

Gendarmes abide by a 48-hour strike demanding that the Mayor of Santa Cruz respect their labor rights

July 18, 2023, 10:56 AM

July 18, 2023, 10:56 AM

Municipal gendarmes marched this Tuesday morning, demanding compliance with an arbitration award that the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra does not comply with, according to the leaders. As of this Tuesday, the sector abides by a 48-hour strike and warns with another 72-hour strike in case the commune continues to turn a deaf ear to their demands.

“We demand compliance with the arbitration award that we won in 2021, in addition to the agreement that we signed last year, in which they promised to go incorporating the gendarmes into the General Labor Law, giving job stability; however, at the beginning of the year 50 workers were fired”said Estefanía Calle, one of the leaders of the gendarmes.

Calle clarified that, as of this Tuesday, she and her colleagues abide by a 48-hour strike, which is accompanied by demonstrations in the streets. “First we will go to the Ministry of Labor, because we have a hearing there; then we will go to the central office (of the Mayor’s Office) where we will hold a general assembly to determine the pressure measures,” he said.

Last month, the leader revealed that they do not have a supply of uniforms on a regular basis. They haven’t been given clothes for two years. In addition, ensures that many trucks in which they transport them, do not have brakes; and what days ago they were evicted from their rest area in the bus terminal.

March of municipal guards in Santa Cruz /Photo: Juan Carlos Torrejón

TOCurrently, there are about 700 municipal guards, with new additions. Most have annual contracts, with salaries ranging between Bs 2,500 and 2,900.

The municipal guards are divided into groups, they enter work at 6:30 and their workday extends until 7:00 or 9:00 the following day. D.they rest that day and, in the next one, they are back at their job, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The gendarmes ask for the replacement of the rest area, since the municipal shelter for homeless people was enabled in the place.

At that time, the Municipal Executive reported that it would enable another space inside the bus terminal for the rest of the gendarmes. However, Calle clarified that this commitment has not been fulfilled either. “youOn the contrary, it remains the same and it worsened because the Mayor’s Office initiated several prosecutions against colleagues“, revealed.

On the subject, councilman Manuel Saavedra said that the mayor does not keep his word since in mid-June he promised to advance in compliance with an arbitration award and improve the conditions of the municipal Guard.

“They do not comply with what they promise, because they signed an agreement a month ago and now what are they going to say?go. The Municipal Guard is necessary to provide security to many places. They are starting classes the other week and we have proposed that the municipal guards can return to the schools to provide security for the children, but with this situation it will be affected,” Saavedra said.

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