Genao affirms La Vega has been waiting half a century for the completion of the Guaigüí Dam

Genao affirms La Vega has been waiting half a century for the completion of the Guaigüí Dam

The senator for La Vega and general secretary of the Christian Social Reform PartyRamón Rogelio Genao, affirmed that it has already been 50 years since the vegans have been demanding the completion of the Guaigüi Dam.

Genao asked the Government to put an end to half a century of waiting and suffering for a vital work for human consumption and control the damage caused by the floods of the Camu River.

According to Genao, the floods caused by the Camú River and its tributaries are the main cause of flooding in Bajo Yuna, Duarte province.

He said that only with the resources invested in repairing the damage caused by the Camú floods in Arenoso, Villas Rivas and other towns, 10 dams of the dimensions of the Guaigüí dam would have already been built.

“The Guaigüí dam has been a claim of La Vega since 1972, it is already halfway through its execution, but the work is paralyzed. Listen carefully to this, only with the investments repairing the damage caused by the flooding of the Camú River and its tributaries, 210 Guaigüi dams would have already been built”, he stated.


The vegan senator is also calling for the construction and reconstruction of around 13 bridges in his province.

Among the bridges to be rebuilt, he cited: the Pontón bridge, on the Duarte Highway, La Vega main entrance, Sabaneta bridge and the La Vereda Río Verde speed bump.

In addition, the construction of the Bayacanes bridge, in Hatico La Vega, the bridge over the Yujo stream, which connects La Peña with the El verraco stream, Jarabacoa.

The bridge over the Baiguate river, which connects Paso Bajito with La Jagua, the speed bump over the Ancho stream, which connects La Jagua with La Frisa, a gabion wall to regain access to the Rivera del Yaque sector, in the city center of Jarabacoa and restore approximately 20 kilometers of eroded roads in several rural communities. While in Tireo, the Tireo-La Cerca bridge, El Café-La Canelilla bridge, La Palma-Villa Esperanza bridge are required.

And in Manabao, the Arroyo Grande bridge at the entrance and two other small bridges on the Manabao-La Ciénega highway.


Genao expressed appreciation for the prompt response of President Luis Abinader and his government cabinet to the areas affected by Hurricane Fiona.

In addition to the good performance of the Civil Defense volunteers, the fire departments and local governments, especially in the towns of the Eastern Region that were hardest hit by Fiona.

“We appreciate the inclusion of the province of La Vega, in the declaration of emergency,” he said.

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