Average price of cooking gas is R$95 in the last six months

Gas aid will be R$ 112 in December, informs Caixa

Around 5.6 million families will receive R$ 112 in Gas Assistance in December, announced today (9) Caixa Econômica Federal. Unless Congress approves the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Transition, the benefit will have its value doubled until this month because of the constitutional amendment that raised social benefits.Gas aid will be R$ 112 in December, informs Caixa

Payment will take place from August 12th to 23rd, based on the final digit of the Social Registration Number (NIS). The dates are the same as the installments of the Auxílio Brasil, which had the payment schedule for this month in advance.

Traditionally, the two benefits are paid in the last ten working days of the month, and the Gas Allowance is bimonthly, paid every two months.

With the constitutional amendment that increased social benefits, the value of the Gas Aid was doubled, equivalent to 100% of the average value of the 13-kilogram cylinder in the August, October and December installments. In 2023, the benefit will again be worth half the average price of the cylinder.


To calculate the benefit, Caixa Econômica Federal is based on research by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), which, by the tenth working day of each month, publishes the average price of the previous six months for the 13-kilogram cylinder. of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In this way, every two months, the benefit changes in value.

The Gas Allowance totaled R$52 in January, R$51 in April and R$53 in June, when it was equivalent to 50% of the average price of the bottle. Traditionally, the benefit is paid every two months, but the February installment was brought forward to January. The aid totaled R$110 in August and R$112 in October.


With an expected duration of five years, the program will benefit 5.6 million families, until the end of 2026, with the payment of 50% of the average price of the 13-kilogram cylinder every two months (100% from August to December). For this year, Auxílio Gás had a budget of R$ 1.9 billion, but the amount increased to R$ 2.95 billion with the constitutional amendment.

Only those who are included in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and have at least one family member who receives the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) can take part in the program. The law that created the program defined that the woman responsible for the family will have preference, as well as women victims of domestic violence.

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Auxílio Gás is paid with the same cards and passwords as Auxílio Brasil, and can be withdrawn at lottery outlets, self-service terminals and Caixa Aqui bank correspondents. The benefit can also be deposited in digital savings accounts, created for the payment of Emergency Aid in 2020, and moved through the Caixa Tem app.

The beneficiary needs to be aware. If you do not withdraw the Gas Aid within 120 days after the payment date, the money will be returned to the government account. Anyone who has questions about the status of the benefit can make an appointment on the Caixa Tem and Auxílio Brasil applications or call Caixa’s call center at number 111. Ministry of Citizenship, on telephone 121.

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