Garbage welcomes the week in the DN

Garbage welcomes the week in the DN

The trash accumulated in some areas of the capital city and the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste last weekend, which affected residents of different neighborhoods who denounced bad smells Y flies in their homes.

In the industry of Honduras, National District, the waste deposits exceeded their capacity and in some corners piles of bags were observed on sidewalks and containers. Large amounts of flies They covered all the rubbish.

Elizabeth Fabiana resident near Italia Avenue, said that the truck collects the waste frequently, but that almost always on weekends it does not go and it accumulates.

In other sectors such as Ciudad Universitaria, Los Jardines, Claret, widening La Fe, and others, the accumulation of trash it was minimal and in some non-existent.

“They come, we are not going to say no, but on weekends you hardly see the trucks, sometimes you see one or another truck on a Saturday, but not always,” said the resident of Francisco Domínguez Charro street.

Eulogia Mercedes Candelario stated that they have had difficult days, because the bad smell of decomposing waste penetrates to the houses, as well as the flies and other vermin such as cockroaches.

I call the Mayor of the National District to send trucks to pick up the trash: “That is going to make us sick, that bad smell enters the houses and flies they do not leave one alone, we must have the doors closed and that is not now, that happens from time to time”, he said.

Cleaning personnel from the Mayor’s Office were seen in almost all the sectors visited, sweeping and collecting debris on sidewalks and curbs.

In other sectors where improvised landfills were seen were Mejoramiento Social, Villa Francisca, San Carlos, Villa Consuelo, Quinto Centenario, Luperón and Los Ríos, as well as in the surroundings of the New Market.

At the Villas Agrícolas transfer station, the accumulation of waste was minimal and, although there were several trucks, the waste was deposited in dump trucks. Free Journal sought an explanation in Mayor of the National Districtbut no information was provided.

In Santo Domingo Oeste, several dumps were also seen, mainly on the Duarte Highway, through the Enriquillo neighborhood. Similarly, on Los Beisbolistas avenue and the road that connects Manoguayabo and Hato Nuevo.

On the road to La Ciénaga there were places that the trash it totally occupied the sidewalks, so people had to walk the streets, exposed to being run over by vehicles.

In Duquesa, trucks continued to deposit waste normally, despite the poor conditions of the Los Casabes highway, affected by the rains of recent weeks. The works have been delayed by the downpours, however the authorities assure that within six months the problem will be definitively solved.

Degree in Social Communication from the O&M University. He has practiced journalism since 1988 in radio, television and newspapers.

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