Gang that prostituted Colombian women in Spain and France falls

Gang that prostituted Colombian women in Spain and France falls

The Spanish police have dismantled a criminal organization that prostituted Colombian women in Spain and France, who were recruited in their country with false offers of work for the care of the elderly.

The victims were in a very unfavorable socioeconomic situation in Colombia and were tricked into traveling to France, where they were forced to work as prostitutes for a time. Subsequently, they were transferred to Spain and forced to maintain the same activity in homes in Seville (south).

As reported this Friday by the police in a statement, the framework also was in charge of taking erotic photographs of women, which were published on web pages to offer sexual services.

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At least one of the women, upon arrival in Spain, was assaulted sexually repeatedly by one of the gang members.

In the operation, four people were arrested in Spain and the alleged sexual aggressor has been provisionally imprisoned. Three of them are charged with crimes related to prostitution and the other, human trafficking and sexual assault..

The investigation began in December last year, when the security forces learned of the existence in Seville of an organization dedicated to the trafficking of women for their sexual exploitation.

The investigations revealed that the disjointed framework was dedicated to recruiting women of Colombian nationality who were offered a decent job to care for the elderly in France.

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Once the offer was accepted, the victims flew to Paris on a trip paid for by the organization and accompanied by one of its members in surveillance and control functions.

Already in France, women became aware of the deception to which they had been subjected, being coercively forced into prostitution.

The operation is part of the plan of the Spanish police against trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

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