Gamboa water treatment plant, with a capacity of 60 million gallons, is 46.42% complete

The Gamboa water treatment plant, which will benefit 235,000 Panamanians residing in the Central Panama area, is already 46.42% complete, according to the National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (IDAAN).

This work will have a capacity to produce 60 million gallons per day with the possibility of expanding up to 80 million gallons, so once it is launched, it is planned to improve the supply in the east of the capital, through the Western II hydraulic ring. .

This project executed by the Water for Gamboa Consortium for an amount of B/. 238,927,642.00, is currently carrying out work on the conduction line with the construction of wedges and placement of air valves; repair of slopes, emptying of rock foundations with rockfill, as part of the repair and erosion control measures. Works are also being carried out to install 72” pipes in the Adduction Line.

Likewise, it carries out activities in the internal repair of channels built in the sedimentation unit module. In addition to shaping heads and foundation beams in the chemical building of the plant.

Similarly, work is being done on the construction of trapezoidal gutters; in the guide wall of secant piles and the diaphragm walls in the raw water pumping station.

On the other hand, IDAAN reported that the work front is being reactivated to complete the interconnection of the New Relocated 12kv Line in the ACP. They stressed that the objective is to guarantee and improve the water supply 24 hours a day, promoting the economic development of the area and generating jobs.

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