Galanti and Toyotoshi make history in the Chaco

The rollover of Diego Domínguez (VW Polo R5) paved the way for Galanti, who also maintained his lead over Miki Zaldívar and Augusto Bestard.

In this sense, the Galanti-Toyotoshi duo (Toyota Etios R5) opened today the last special of the day with practically all the circumstances in their favour, and there were no more shocks.

In this way, the member of the Galanti dynasty takes the 47th edition and achieves his fifth coronation (2005, 2010, 2015, 2019 and 2022), for which he stands as the most successful winner in history on Chaco soil and deserving of the coveted Dunhill Cup (50 years after its creation).

For his part, co-driver Toyotoshi signed his fourth victory.

Also, it is the title number 21 for Toyota.


The entrance Galanti and Toyotoshi make history in the Chaco was first published in diary TODAY.

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