Gabriel Monteiro case: councilors denounce attacks on social networks

Gabriel Monteiro case: councilors denounce attacks on social networks

Councilors of the Ethics Council investigating a possible breach of parliamentary decorum by councilor Gabriel Monteiro (PL) denounced that they were suffering mass attacks from the accused’s followers on social media. This Thursday (9), they heard two defense witnesses: expert Leandro Lima and military police officer Bruno Novaes Assumpção, who escorts the parliamentarian.Gabriel Monteiro case: councilors denounce attacks on social networks

The members of the council announced that they are going to look for the Police Station for Repression of Computer Crimes (DRCI) to denounce the threats they have received on social networks. The rapporteur of the case (featured image), councilor Chico Alencar (Psol), reported that he has already received more than 300 threats. A wiretapping scan will also be carried out in the offices of board members, on suspicion that they are being monitored.

Councilor Alexandre Isquierdo (União), chairman of the council, explained that the video presented today by the defense of Gabriel Monteiro, examined by Leandro Lima and analyzed by psychologist Rodrigo Pimenta de Matos, is not the same as the one attached to the case records of the representation and that, therefore, , has no legal value.

In the original images, Monteiro appeared apparently caressing a minor, invited by him to clean her head and remove lice, in a video that the councilor posted on his social networks.

“As the defense required the presence of the expert and the analysis carried out by the psychologist, we conducted the hearing to ensure the full defense. Although the scene is very similar to the one in which the councilor takes the girl to the hairdressing salon, it was not actually the video in the case file. Therefore, in addition to forming the opinion of the board members, it will not be useful”, said Isquierdo.

Next Tuesday (14), advisors Rafael Murmura Angelo and Miquéias Arcenio will be heard. On the 21st, it will be the turn of Pablo Foligno and the delegate of the 42nd Police Station, Luis Maurício Armond Campos. Gabriel Monteiro should be heard by the council in June.


Once the process in the council is concluded, with a favorable opinion on the complaint, the process will be forwarded to the Board of Directors and included in the agenda. The punishment is decided in an open vote in the Plenary, with the right to speak by parliamentarians and the defense during the session, decided by two thirds of the councilors (34 votes) in case of cassation, or an absolute majority in case of suspension.

With the parliamentary recess in July, the end of the work should take place in the first week of August.


The councilor’s lawyers clarified that, when the parliamentarian hired expert Leandro Lima, who gave testimony today, the defense had not yet had access to the video attached to the process, but the material analyzed is the same that was published on the parliamentarian’s social networks and publicized in the press, with the same scenario and characters.

According to the expert, the video in which Gabriel Monteiro appears with a child in a beauty salon had a part manipulated in order to unfairly accuse him of caressing the child, when, in fact, he takes her to the salon because her hair was full of lice, even preventing her from attending school.

As for the threats received, the defense said that, at no time, did the councilors claim to be receiving threats from the councilor, but, yes, and probably, from his followers.

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