Funeral services for fire victims in Matanzas

Relatives and companions of the 16 deceased in the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base head the funeral honors that take place this day in the Firefighters Museum of that western city of Cuba.

According to official media reports, numerous inhabitants of the city have come to the institution with flowers and photographs in order to show their respect for those who lost their lives in an unprecedented incident on the island.

Floral offerings from the former Cuban president, Raúl Castro, were placed in the place; President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the National Assembly of People’s Power and the people of Cuba, according to a report by Latin Press (PL).

According to the Cuban agency, in addition to the popular tribute, an honor guard and a memorial ceremony will be held in the afternoon.

The funeral honors pay tribute to the 16 deceased in the fire provoked, according to the official version, by a lightning strike on August 5 on one of the eight deposits of the place. The flames were extinguished five days later with the participation of Cuban, Mexican and Venezuelan forces and techniques.

The accident caused 132 injuries, 18 of whom are still hospitalized. It also caused considerable damage to the Base’s infrastructure and surrounding communities.

Despite the use of the most advanced techniques, Cuba couldn’t find too many remains of 14 of the deceased, whose bodies were consumed by the high temperatures, estimated at more than a thousand degrees Celsius during the fire.

Cuba declared official mourning this Thursday and Friday in tribute to those who gave their lives trying to contain what ended up being a sad tragedy.

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